2. Add / Remove Participants

Once you have created a list, it’s time to start adding participants. Participants are the contacts that will make up your list.

Manage Lists: Adding and Removing Participants

1. Navigate to the Lists area by going to CRM > Broadcast > Manage List.

2. Click SHOW/ADD beside the list you would like to edit participants for.

3. A new window will open. Select SEARCH FULL CONTACT LIST from the Filter By option at the top.

4. Use the search options to find contacts. You can also bring up your entire contacts database by leaving the search field empty and clicking SEARCH.

5. To add participants, check the box beside a contact name and click ADD TO LIST. To remove participants, check the box and click REMOVE FROM LIST.

6. When you finished adding / removing participants, close the window. When this is list is run with any campaign, all listed participants will receive your broadcast message.