3. Additional List Options

As well as adding and removing participants, there are several other options available to you from the Lists area. 

Combine Lists

If you would like to combine two or more lists to form a larger list, you can use the Combine Lists option.

1. Check the boxes beside two or more existing lists.


3. A new list is created with all participants from both lists.

4. Click on the list name (New Combined List) to rename the list.

5. Type in a new name and description and click SAVE. If there were any shared contacts between the combined lists, you will need to remove duplicate participants in order to avoid sending the messages twice to the same contact(s).

Remove Duplicate Participants

If you think there may be some duplicate contacts in a list, such as when you combine lists, you will need to remove duplicates in order to avoid sending the same message multiple times to the same contact.

1. Click the Remove Duplicates icon .

2. A dialogue box will ask you how you by which criteria you would like to search for and remove duplicates. Select one from the list.

3. The duplicates are found and removed.

Copy Lists

You can copy make a copy of entire list. This is useful when for example you require the same participants for a new list with only a few additions or omissions.

1. Check the box to the left of the list you want to copy and click the Copy List icon .

2. A dialog box will prompt you for confirmation. Click OK.

3. Your list is copied and a new list with the description “(copy)” is created.