Add a Calendar Event

An event in your calendar is an activity that is defined over a particular period of time. The Kazeli Calendar enables you to view events by type, such as Personal, Business or Holiday. You can also select to view events relating to specific Projects.

  1. From the side navigation, click on CALENDAR.
  2. Click ADD EVENT (top right).
  3. Fill out the event options:Event Name: Give your event a name.

    Event Information: Insert more details about your event here.

    Start Time / End Time: Select your dates and times from these fields. To select a date, click inside the date field to open the small calendar pop-up. Select your date from this pop-up, using the navigation controls at the top to move through the calendar.

    If the event is to last all or most of the day and you would like to ignore time the time values, checkALL DAY EVENT to add the event to your calendar throughout the whole day.

    Weekly Recurrence: If there are certain events that occur on the same day each week, such as a Monday morning staff meeting or Friday review for example, there is a simple way to have the event automatically added to your calendar each week.

    To set the event to recur, simply check the day(s) on which you would like the event to be added to your calendar each week.

    Add Reminder: You can choose to set yourself a reminder for the event from anywhere between two weeks and 15 minutes before the event is set to begin.

    Type: Select from various event ‘types’ from the dropdown list. You can later filter your calendar view by Event Type.

    Show in Calendar: Select MY CALENDAR ONLY to show the event only in your calendar, or ALL TEAM MEMBERS to add the event to the calendars of all team members.

    Private: Check the Private box to make the event only viewable by you.

  4. Click SAVE or continue to Related Projects / Opportunities and Contacts

Related Projects / Opportunities and Contacts

You can relate the event to an existing Project or Opportunity. The event will then appear in the Calendar for the related Project, Opportunity or Contact.

To relate the event to a Project or Opportunity:

1. Click on the RELATED PROJECTS/OPPORTUNITIES tab or the RELATED CONTACTS tab at the top of the event window.

2. For relating projects and opportunities, use the VIEW tabs at the top to switch between Projects and Opportunities view.

3. Click  beside the Project, Opportunity or Contact name to relate. You can use the Search field to find a Project, Opportunity or Contact.

4. Click SAVE.
The event can now be viewed from the Project/Opportunity or Contact calendar: