Add a product

To add a product:

1. From the side navigation, click on Website and then on eShop Manager.

2. Underneath the Products section, click Add New.

3. Fill out the various fields and settings for your product:

Position: This setting only applies if you have selected Sort by Position from the General Settings. Setting sort by position will allow you to define the order in which your products are listed from the position field for each product.

Product Code: A code for your product.

Product Name: The name of your product.

Display Name: If you would like the name of the product to visitors to your eShop, you can type in a different display name here. If this field is left blank, then the Product Name will be displayed in your eShop.

Stock Availability: Select the amount of stock currently available for this product.

Description Short: Short description that will appear underneath the product listing. Example

Description Long: Detailed description that will appear once the product is clicked. Example

Price: Set a price in the currency currently selected in your settings.

View Details Link: You can select to Show or Hide the View Details link, which will allow the user to view full details about a product. If the link is hidden, users will only be able to view the basic information shown in the eShop product listing. Example

Suitable for Ages: You can select the age of person for which your product is suitable.

Weight: Set the weight of the product. If you would not like to set a weight, leave the default value of 0. Keep in mind that the weight of the product will sometimes have an effect on the cost of shipping.

Release Date and Pre-release Price: Set a date on which the product will become available in the release date field. The pre-release price field can be used to offer discounts for customers who order in advance. Example

Discount: Set a discount rate for the product.

Active: By setting this option to No, the product will become inactive and will be hidden from all product listings and search results on your eShop. You can re-activate the product at any time by setting the option to Yes.

Featured: Featured products are displayed on the main cart page and also first in its category list. Example

Thumbnail Image: Select a thumbnail image to displayed in the search results and product listings. Clicking Choose File will allow you to browse your computer for the image. Example

Full Image: This image will be displayed on the product’s page and will usually be a larger image or full size version of the thumbnail image. Example

You can define preset thumbnail and full image sizes by clicking on edit sizes beside the Select Size dropdown list and then clicking on New. After defining your width and height parameters and giving your preset size a description, you will be able to select it from the Select Size dropdown list.

4. Click Save and Continue.

5. After saving the product, you must select a category under which your product will be listed. To select a category for your product, Click theĀ  icon beside the category name in the top right of your screen.

The category name(s) will then appear in the Related Product Categories list. Example