Add New Job

To add a new job at your company:

  • In the Jobs section of the Business Network, click Add New Job on the top right hand corner of the page.
  • Fill in the job fields:
    • Job Status:Active – Position is ready to be filled and job opening will be posted.Draft – Job opening will not be posted. – Posting not yet ready.Filled – The position has been filled and no more applicants are required.
    • Company Name: You can enter up to 100 characters in this space.
    • Company URL: Enter your company’s website address.
    • Job Title: Enter the job position. You can enter up to 100 characters.
    • Job Function: Select a job function from the dropdown list.
    • Industry: Select an industry from the dropdown list.
    • Job Type: Select a job type from the dropdown list.
    • Experience Level: Select a required experience level from the dropdown list.
    • Salary: Type in a salary.
    • Job Code: Enter a job code for internal use. Job code will not appear in the posting.
    • Job Description: Enter a job description: this normally includes an outline of the job position, a basic description of some of the job responsibilites, and some brief information on what is expected from the applicant. You can enter up to 4000 characters in this space.
    • Promote Your Job: If the job is being advertised exclusively on KBN, your posting will receive special promotion at no additional cost.Tick this box if your position is being advertised only on the Kazeli Business Network.
  • Click Submit to save the job or Cancel to exit without saving.
  • Successfuly posted jobs will appear in the Jobs section of the Kazeli Business Network.
  • To edit job information, go to your Business Profile and click on Available Jobs.
  • Click edit next to the job posting you wish to edit, and then submit to save any changes.