Add News

Add news items to inform your customers about products, services, opportunities and your company.

Navigate to the News Module

1. Click on Website in the side navigation.

2. Click on a website name which you have a news module added for.

3. Click on NEWS MANAGER.

Add News Item

1. Click ADD NEWS.

2. Fill out the information.

News Type
Select a news category from the list of available types. You can edit News Types from here by clicking [+] edit.

Learn how to create a new news type here.

Select the language for the news item.

Active Date
If you would like to set Enter a date with your keyboard using the format dd/mm/yyyy (Example: 20/05/2009). Visitors to your website can sort news items by date from the news page.

Author Name
The name of the person writing the news item.

The heading of the news item.

Short News
A brief introduction or summary of the news item that will appear in the news list before the full story is clicked. Example

Thumbnail Image
A small preview image that will appear beside the news listing. Click BROWSE to locate the file on your computer. Select the image and click OPEN. Example

Thumbnail Caption
Descriptive text that will appear beneath the thumbnail image. Example

Full News
Type or paste your news item in this space. If you are pasting a news item use these controls:

To paste from Microsoft Word.
To paste normally.
To paste as plain text, removing any formatting.
Full Image
This larger image will appear when the full news item is opened. Example

Full Caption
Text that will appear underneath the full image. Example

File Name
You can add a file to the news item for visitors to download.

Example: If you are adding a news item about your organization being nominated for an award, you may want to insert the full list of nominees.

File Caption
This is the text that will appear which users will click to open or download the file. Example

Selecting YES will remove the news item from the main news page but not from the news manager.

3. Click SUBMIT. Your news item had been added.