Photos are stored in Albums. Albums appear under Category headings.

To create an album

Click Create Album

Type in an Album Name.

Type in an Album Description: This will normally give some common information about the album photos.

Select a Feature Image: This will be the preview image appearing under the name of the album.

Select whether to make the album Public or Private.

A public album will be accessible by anybody.

A private album will only be accessible to those who enter a correct username and password.

Click Submit.

From the main Photo Gallery page:

To change album positions, click Manage Position select an album and use the up and down buttons at the bottom to reposition it. Click Done to finish.

Click to delete an album.

To edit an album click the icon or the Album Name.

Add Photos: You can add new photos to the album by clicking Add Photos and Browsing for pictures on your computer or dragging a file into the box provided.

After adding photos, click Refresh for the new photo(s) to appear in the album.

Edit Album Settings: Click in the Album Settings area.

Click to save changes.

Album Categories
: In the Album Categories section, use the and icons to add or remove the album from different categories. Click Add Categories to be taken to the Categories window, where you can create and edit categories.

Caption: To add or edit a picture caption, click under the picture. Type in a new caption and click to save.

Delete: You can delete a picture by clicking .