Assigning Contacts

You can assign Privacy (also known as Assignment) to your contacts in one of two ways; 1. Adding this option per individual contact or 2. By mass-privacy assignment. This article will discuss both ways.

What does privacy assignment mean?

Assigning privacy to a user or group will restrict access to only those users / groups. While users who have NOT been assigned the contact will be able to search for and find the contact, they will not be able to view or edit the actual contact record.

Your organization runs a ‘Radio’ campaign, and as a company you have 10,000 new leads for this campaign. Using our bulk import feature, you can import all these leads under a new tag called ‘Radio Leads’ , then using the assign contacts feature you can quickly assign those leads to specific sales representatives.

Only those individuals or groups of representatives will have access to their assigned contacts, protecting against accidental editing by other users as well as keeping tabs on which users have access to specific contacts.

How do I assign contacts to users or groups?

Repeat the same process, this time assigning privacy to a group rather than an individual, as shown above.

How do I check whether a particular contact has been properly assigned Privacy?

Access an individual contact card and click on the Privacy tab. There you can check on the assignment of Privacy and or be able to modify it as needed.

How do I pull a Privacy contact report?

1. Open up the Advanced Search window in the contact section.

2. Under the Miscellaneous Criteria section, select the appropriate assignment and individual option of your choice.

3. Press the Search button in the upper right corner and you will be displayed the approprate results.


(a) You can select all contacts in your current search results by clicking Select All Contacts directly above the results.
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