Attaching a file to an Email

There are 3 ways you create an email. From the Contact, Message Center and Project/Opportunity. However, in all cases attaching an email is the same.

Attaching an Email

  1. From the New Email Window
  2. You will notice that at the top of the New Message window there is a WRITE EMAIL button in RED and to the right of this button, there is Attach File: My Computer | My Kazeli Files.
  3. To attach a file by My Computer, click that link, then click the BROWSE button to search your computer and select the file. To return to the Email, you need to click the WRITE EMAIL (Red Button) again.To attach a file by My Kazeli Files, click that link, then Browse or Search for the file within your Kazeli Files. The File may either reside under one of the two tabs; Files & Folders or Projects/Opportunties.
  4. Once done, write your email and click SEND EMAIL (Red Button).

It’s best to send files that are less than 5MB when sending an attachment from MY COMPUTER. If you have a larger document, upload it to a Project and Opportunity and use the MY KAZELI FILES method for attaching files.