Barter Trade

What is barter?

Barter is the trade of goods and services in exchange for other goods and services, rather than money.

The Kazeli Business Network allows companies and individuals to find others who are interested in doing business in barter.

How does the Barter System work?

You can search for companies which accept barter in your trade.

Users who search for listings that accept barter will be shown other users who have added in their list of acceptable barter-trade industries, at least one of the user’s industry categories.

E.g. If Web Park Designs have selected Marketing & Advertising and Information Technology & Services as their industry categories –

– and Third Loop Travel have included Marketing & Advertising in their list of acceptable barter-trade industries,

– then ‘Third Loop Travel’ will appear when Web Park Design users search for business listings That Accept Barter.

Users who have added at least one of your industry categories as an acceptable barter industry will be shown. Users who have not selected any of your industry categories will not be shown.

To learn how to select your industry category, go to Create / Edit Your Business Profile.