Create a category

To create a category:

1. Click Website in the side navigation and then on eShop Manager.

2. You can create a new main category or a sub-category. Underneath the Categories heading:

To create a new main category:
Under the categories menu, click Add New.

To create a sub-category for an existing category:
Click View to view existing categories, then on the category under which you would like to create a new sub-category and then click on New.

3. Fill out the various category fields and settings.

Category Name: Type in a name for your category

Category Name Sub-navigation: How the category name will appear in the sub-navigation menu.Example

Category Name Search Box: Specify how your category name will appear in the search box.Example

Category Name Breadcrumbs: Specify how the category name will appear in the breadcrumbs.Example

Category Text
: You can choose to add a description for the category which will appear at the top of the page once the category is clicked.  Example

Include in Quick Menu: Select Yes to have the category appear in the quicklist dropdown menu.Example

Active: Selecting No will hide this category from the category list.

Product Template: Select how you would like the products for this category to appear. You can select from:

Image Top Left: Example

Name / Image / Details: Example

Name / Image / Details (no add to cart button): Example

Columns per page: Select the maximum numbers of columns you would like to use to display your products for the category. Example

Products per page: Select the maximum number of products to appear per page. Example

Image: You can select an image to appear underneath the category name in the categories list.

4. Click Submit.