Create a Follow-Up Campaign

Create the Campaign
Get started by creating the campaign before defining steps and contact participants.

  1. From the side navigation, click on CRM.
  2. Click on FOLLOW-UP.
  4. Select your settings:
    • Follow-Up Campaign Owner: Select the user to be in charge of this campaign.
    • Follow-Up Campaign Name & Description: The Follow-Up Campaign Name and Description are NOT displayed in your emails. They are for your personal use, to help you identify each unique campaign.
    • Follow-Up Campaign Status: Select ACTIVE to begin running the campaign. Select IN-ACTIVE if you are still in the process of editing the campaign.
    • Group: Organize your campaigns by sorting them into Groups. If you’ve already created a group , select one from the dropdown list. To create a new group click +EDIT > NEW > Type in a group name > SUBMIT. The group will now be available for you to select from the list.
    • Team Members: Select which Users and User Groups will be part of this campaign. Only selected users will have access. To add a user or group, select the User/Group and click ADD.
  5. Click SAVE.

You will be taken to the Follow-Up Campaign Overview where you can edit the campaign details, add participants or add follow-up steps.

Add Participants
The Participants are the contacts which this campaign will be target. Once the campaign is made active, these are the contacts who will be targeted with the Follow-Up Steps.

  1. Click EDIT.
  2. Select FULL CONTACT LIST from the FILTER BY option.
  3. Type in a search, or leave the search space empty to view your entire contact list, and click SEARCH.
  4. From the results below, check the box to the left of the contact(s) you’d like to add and click ADD TO LIST.
  5. A dialogue box prompting you to confirm your selection will appear. Click OK.

Add Follow-Up Steps
These are the automatic actions that will be taken by your Follow-Up campaign, including sending emails, creating tasks and creating calendar events. By filling out the options below, you can define what these actions will be and when they will take effect. Click SAVE when you have selected all your options.

  1. Name: Give your step a name. This will not at any time be sent to the recipient and is for your reference only.
  2. Status: Select ACTIVE to include this step as part of your campaign or IN-ACTIVE to keep this step out of your campaign for the time being.
  3. Type: Select the Follow-Up Step Type. You be able to edit the specified type templates in the bottom half of the screen.
    1. Email
      This step will consist of an email being sent out to all participants. If you select this type, you will need to select a From Email Address – this is the address from which the email template you choose will be sent. You can choose from all addresses currently available for your domains hosted with Kazeli. Click here to learn how to create and edit email templates.
    2. Task
      This step will consist of a task being assigned, to either a user inside your organization, orĀ  left unassigned for any user to complete.
    3. Event
      This step will add an event to the calendar of one of your available users.\
  4. Schedule Type: Specify when the step will come into effect
    • This step will go out immediately when someone has signed up for this campaign
      The step will take effect for each participant in an active campaign as soon they are added.
    • This sequence will go out a certain number of days from the start of the campaign
      Select how many days after the campaign status has been set to ACTIVE you want this step to take effect.
    • This piece will be based on the occasion date
      The step will take effect a specified number of days before or after the occasion date field for each contact in your participants list.
    • Example
      Step to take effect 3 days after Occasion Date for 2 participants.

      • Participant 1: Occasion Date is 13 March – Step to take effect 16 March.
      • Participant 2: Occasion Date is 15 May – Step to take effect 18 May.
      • Learn how to set the Occasion Date for a contact here.
    • This piece will be based on the birthday
      The step will take effect a specified number of days before or after the date in the participant’s Birthday field. To learn how to set the birthday, click here
  5. Templates: Click on a template below to select it as the template for the step.