Create a Group

Kazeli groups are a powerful tool for setting up, managing and growing online communities. With your own group, you can create an individual network on Kazeli, while simultaneously being part of the expansive, international Kazeli member network. This in turn will give you increased access to your target group.

Start a group now, and share your enthusiasm with others!

Requirements for starting a new group:

  1. Groups can be started by active members who want to spark interesting discussions in their topic area, and support group activity. Please keep in mind that we will not permit groups which take as their subject political, religious or pornographic material, or that are at odds with applicable legal standards. Group applications which involve MLM (multi-level marketing) activities will be removed.
  2. Potential groups should be created with a minimum of 100 members in mind.
  3. By applying for a group to be started, you agree as a moderator to uphold the Code of Conduct for Moderators.

Group Information

Name of the Group
Give your group its name.

Provide a description on what the group will be about. This will include an overview of the kind of topics that will be discussed and perhaps what you hope group members will get out of joining.

Select the country you are based in. Groups are not country specific and members from all over the world can join.

Select a category for the group.

How Many Members Can Join Your Group?

Freely Accessible
Any Kazeli member can join.

Private Group
You and other managers of the group must approve all requests.

Hide from Group Listings
Members searching for groups will not be able to see this group. Members can join through invite only.