Create a New Email Template

Create and Manage Email Templates

For emails you send out often to one or more recipients, you can easily create Email Templates to save time and avoid having to create the email every time.

Navigate to the template options:

1. From the side navigation click on MESSAGE CENTER.

2. Click on the TEMPLATES tab at the top.

Click to edit an existing template.

Click  to delete a template.

To create a new template:

1. Click on ADD TEMPLATE.

2. Fill out the various template options.

Name: Give your template a name. This is for your reference only, is separate to the subject and will not be sent with the template.

Template Rights: Selecting PUBLIC will allow the template to be accessed by all users within your organization. Selecting PRIVATE will make the template accessible only to your user and by no other member of your organization.

Tag: Select the relevant tag to attach to the template. More on tags.

Subject: Your email subject line.

Message Body& Variables: Type your email into the message body. You can type in your own replaceable variables or use the list of variable above the Subject. The variables are used to indicate information that will need to be entered before the email is sent.

For example, ‘Dear [firstname],’ will indicate to the sender that the first name of the recipient will need to be entered in place of the variable.

3. Click SAVE.


You can add attachments from your Kazeli files to be automatically sent with the template each time.


2. You can browse through your Kazeli files from the normal Files & Folders view or from the Project & Opportunities view, which will arrange your files into folders according to your various projects and opportunities.You can switch between these two views using the tabs above the Search box.

3. To add a file, simply click on the file name. You can open each file to view its contents by clicking  beside the file name. To delete all attachments, click X beside the list of current files (bottom).

4. Click TEMPLATE to return to the Message view. If you are sending an existing template and have attached a new file, you will need to click WRITE EMAIL to return to the Message view.