Create A New Folder

To add a new folder:

  • Click create folder.
  • Type in the name you want to give your folder.
  • To select users who will have access to the file, click on the username in the list of all users and then clickselect.To remove permissions from a user, click the username and then click deselect.
  • To apply these permissions to all sub-directories of the file, check the Apply these permissions to all sub-directories box.
  • Click submit. The folder will appear in the folder list in the Document Archive.
  • To create a subfolder, you must click on the folder in which you want to create a new folder, then clickcreate folder.
  • To quickly create a folder without setting permissions, use the Add Folder at the bottom of the page.Type in the folder name and click Add Folder. Permissions can be set at any time by clicking   next to the foldername.