Create a New Task

Add a New Task

1. From the side navigation click on CRM.

2. Click on TASKS.

3. Click ADD TASK (top right).

4. Click on the Project or Opportunity to which you would like to associate the task.

5. Complete the task settings:

Task Name: Give your task a name.

Task Description: This will usually include a brief outline of the task and details of what is required.

Start Date: Enter the date on which you would like work on the task to begin.

End Date: The date at which you expect the task to be completed.

Owner: The person in charge of keeping track of the task and ensuring it is completed. This is usually the person who assigns the task.

Assigned To: Select the team member the task is for.

% Completed: Set the level of progress that has been made on the task.

Priority: Select a priority from 1 to 5.

6. Click SAVE TASK.

The task will appear as a notification in the Message Center of the Assigned Team Member.