Create an Opportunity

From the side navigation click the CREATE NEW shortcut list and select OPPORTUNITY.


From the side navigation click on CRM > OPPORTUNITIES > ADD OPPORTUNITY (top right).


Complete the Opportunity fields.

Owner: The team member selected here will normally be the person in charge of this project.

Appear in Report: Select whether you would the project to be included in your various project sales and forecast reports.

Project Name: Type in a name for your project.

Code: This is an optional field which should be used consistently throughout your Kazeli account. You can later use this code when sending a broadcast message or using an email template.

Type: Select a type from the list. These are editable from the CRM Settings area.

Start Date: Date at which you would like work on the project to begin. To select a date, click inside the field and choose a date from the calendar pop-up. You can use the navigation controls at the top of the pop-up to go to a date.

Close By: Date at which you expect work on the project to be completed.

Actual Close: Date at which the project was actually completed.

Account Name: Click inside this field to select an organization or person from your contacts.

Contact: Select a primary contact for this project.

Status: Select a status from the list.

Stage: Select a stage from the list. Stages are editable form the CRM Settings area.

Source: The source is the project lead or contact that the the project initiates from.

Price: Potential gains from the opportunity

Probability: Select the probability of the opportunity developing into a project.

Forecast: This calculates the value of the opportunity by multiplying the price by the probability % and is automatically calculated once an opportunity has been saved. This can be useful for prioritising opportunities.

Closed Amount: The actual amount agreed or received for the opportunity.

  1. You can add Opportunity notes in the right hand side.
  2. Click SAVE .