Create / Edit Your Business Profile

To create/ edit your business profile:

1. Click on Business Network in the side navigation.

2. Click on Businesses.

3. Click on Business Profile.

4. Click on Edit Profile.

Profile Details:

Short Business Summary: Add a short description of your business which will appear underneath your company listing in the search results. This will usually be a brief summary of the products / services you offer. Example

Full Business Summary: A complete description of your organization, this will include more detail about your products and services. Example

Address: Fill in fields with contact information. Information will appear under your company logo on your profile page.

My Kazeli Listing: Selecting Inactive will remove your profile from all Kazeli Business Network listings and searches. Select Active to reactivate the profile.

Allow other kazeli members to contact me: The default for this option is set to No. However it is recommended that you change this to Yes in order to fully benefit from the Kazeli Business Network.

Industries: Select a maximum of two categories most suited to your line of industry. To select an industry, double click on an industry or highlight the industry and click Select. To remove an industry, double-click or select and click Deselect.