Email Actions

To view an email, click on the email subject.

You can read the email and access other options.

  • Reply: Click to reply to the sender of the email.
  • Reply All: Click to send your reply to all recipients of the email (those entered in the TO, CC and BCC fields)
  • Forward: Click to forward the email.
  • New: Click to create a new email.
  • Print: Click to discover computer is not connected to the network printer.
  • Archive: Click to send to your email Archive
  • Relate: Click to relate the email to a project / opportunity or contact. A green tick will appear in the Relate column to show that the email has been related.If the email has not been related, this icon will appear next to the email. Click  to create a contact to link to the email.
  • Archive: Sends to email archive. Sent items cannot be archived.
  • Delete: Permanently deletes the email.
  • Make Private: Makes the email private.
  • Notify: Select a team member from the dropdown list to notify.