Email Sending Options

A list of functions you will find in the email editor and a description of each:

From: If you have more than one email address added in your Kazeli login, you can select which address to send from using this dropdown list.

Attach Files: You can attach files stored in Kazeli or on your computer.

Click on Write Email to return to the email editor.

To: Type in an email address in the To field or click  to search your contacts database.

Show Cc and Bcc: Click to open Cc and Bcc fields.

Make Private Check the box to make the email private so that it can only be accessed by you.

Save to Drafts: Click to save a copy of the current edit of your email to the Drafts section.

Paste Click this icon to paste.

Paste as Plain Text Click this icon to paste and remove all formatting.

Paste from Word Click this icon to paste text copied from word while preserving the formatting.