Examples: Education Additional Notes

Education descriptions can provide some details about your studies, so members viewing your profile can get a better sense of your background and experience.

Some examples:

  • DJ at student radio station, and trumpet player in marching band. 3 years study of Mandarin Chinese. Student Alumni representative for Class of 2001.
  • Provosts Award for Community Service, 1999. President of Student-Youth Alliance mentoring over 100 local middle school students each week. Led annual student Blood Drive program, increased student participation by over 75%.
  • Graduated with Honors in English. Minored in Anthropology. Overseas Studies Program: 1 semester at Oxford, focus on English literature. Received National Merit Scholarship, 1997, and Washington Post Scholarship, 1998.
  • Dissertation titled “Effects of Multifactiorality on Cronbach’s Alpha”, 1996. Published in Journal of Statistics, May 1997. Received Graduate Student Teaching Award in 1994.