Extended Custom Contact Fields

Extended fields are extra, custom text fields that can be added to your Contact records.

Creating Custom Fields & Templates

Creating Extended Custom Fields

1. From the MY ACCOUNT section (top right), click EXTENDED CUSTOM CONTACT FIELDS.

2. Create as many new fields as you like using the CREATE FIELD input box.

Creating Custom Field Templates

Custom Field Templates are used to define a certain set of custom fields which can then be applied to individual users. For example, the Sales Division of your organization may only need to view 8 out of 15 custom fields for their purposes. By adding only those three fields to a template, and then applying the template to your Sales Division, they will have access to those fields they need. Their window will not be cluttered by unnecessary or otherwise private data.

1. From within the Extended Custom Contact Fields settings, click EDIT TEMPLATES.

2. Add a new template by typing in a template name and clicking CREATE TEMPLATE.

3. Select which fields will be accessible for template users by selecting a field from the left column and clicking SELECT. You can remove fields by selecting from the column on the right and clicking DESELECT.

Assigning Templates to Contacts

Once you have set up your templates, you can then select the template each user should use from the User Permissions settings.

 Using Custom Fields

Searching by Extended Fields

 1. From the side navigation click on CONTACTS.

 2. From the contact search click EXTENDED

  3. Select the search criteria as shown below:

Viewing Extended Fields 

 1. Search for and open a contact record.

 2. Click the FIELDS tab (bottom right).

 3. Click the EXTENDED tab.