File Manager Overview

Click on the File Manager tab to bring up the main File Manager dashboard.

This is where you can store, locate, access and edit files and folders.

On the File Manager main page, you can see your most recently opened and accessed files and those marked as favourites for quick and easy access. These are sorted into:

  • Last Files Opened (will list the 6 most recently opened files);
  • Last Project Files Opened (will list the 6 most recently opened project files)
  • My Favourite Files
  • Most Opened Files (6 most opened files)
  • Most Opened Project Files (6 most opened project files).

To find a file:

  • Browse through your document archive by clicking on folders or using the Quick Folder navigation menu (this will take you directly to the contents of the selected folder.)

    Folders are listed on top of individual files.

    Folders and Files are divided into the following sections:

    Name shows the Folder or Filename

    Modified shows the date the file was last modified.

    A Padlock Icon in this column indicates that the file has been made private.

    Actions allows you to move, edit or delete files.

    • Move: click next to a filename to change the file location in the Document Archive.

      A pop-up will appear with a list of folders. Click on a folder to view its subfolders or click Move Hereto transfer the file into that folder.

      You can also search for folders using the search box or create a new folder by typing a folder name in the Add Folder space and clicking Add.

      Click on the Project / Opportunity Files tab to see project and opportunity folders.

    • Click to edit a file or folder.
    • Click  to delete a file or folder.