How can I use my company email with my follow up campaigns?

Follow-up campaigns can be setup to send out emails from your company email address or another suitable email address of your choice. To accomplish this, when creating steps for a follow up campaign, take a look at the setting shown below and make sure the “from email address” is set to:  Assign Contact Owner.

Then, take a look at the “owner” of the contact records that you have added as participants to your campaign.

Next, make sure that contact owner has the correct email address in his/her settings. Go to “My Account” and select User & Group Permissions. Click on the “User List” and select that user from the list. Be sure to enter the correct email address in the [user_email] filed shown on the screenshot below:

Once you have the aforementioned settings adjusted correctly, your follow-up campaign emails will be sent from the email address you have entered into the [user_email] field shown above.