How do I setup an SPF Record

What is an SPF Record and why is it important?
An SPF Record is simply a DNS Record published for a domain that dictates which servers are allowed to send mail on behalf of that domain. When a mail server receives a message it will look up the DNS record from domain to determine if the server sending the message is published in the SPF record. If the sending server is not in the published SPF record the message will fail.

How do I setup an SPF record for my domain?
The easiest way to setup a SPF record is to utilize the SPF wizard provided by Microsoft. If you are not comfortable with the wizard you should consult with an IT professional. To add Kazeli’s mail server to your record you should add in the “Outsourced Domains” section of the setup wizard. This specifies that all servers allowed by Kazeli are allowed by your domain.

It is recommended that you list all sending servers in your SPF record and select the
“No; this domain sends mail only from the IP addresses identified above.” under the default section.

An SPF record for a domain that only sends email from Kazeli would look like this.

“v=spf1 -all”

It is important to remember that if you are sending email for a domain from any other system than Kazeli you must include them in your SPF record.

Once you have created your SPF record you should add it to your DNS as a TXT record.

More information can be found at Microsoft’s SPF Website.

Where can I test my SPF Record?

Where can I go for help?
In order to successfully publish a SPF record you will need to be familiar with the management of DNS records for your domain. If you are not familiar with this process it is recommending you coordinate with your Domain Name hosting company or an IT Professional to publish your record.