I would like transfer the hosting of my emails to Kazeli

Transfer an Existing Domain to Kazeli

If you have built your website using Kazeli’s Website Builder, you must either buy a new domain¬†or transfer an existing domain to Kazeli in order to have your website visible.

Follow the steps below to transfer an existing domain:

  1. Go to the My Account section (top right).
  2. Choose Manage Domains and Emails.
  3. Choose Transfer domain to Kazeli.
  4. Fill in the required fields. You can enter anything you like into theDomain Description field. Also be sure to select the website you have built from the Default Website / Redirect to dropdown.

Next, you will need to point your domain to our servers. To do this, you must log in to your domain control panel from your domain registraar (the website you bought the domain from) and go to your DNS (Domain Name Server) Settings.

The DNS settings must be configured as follows:

Primary DNS / Name Server 1: NS1.SOFTLAYER.COM
Secondary DNS / Name Server 2: NS2.SOFTLAYER.COM

Once this has been completed, allow 24 hours for your domain to be viewable.

If you only want to transfer the website and not the emails, you can point the www record of the domain to our IP: