Image Settings

From the Image Settings you can upload the images which will appear at the top of each page and your logo.

To select a logo to appear on your picture, click Browse to search for the image on your computer. Select the image and click Update Logo to save.

To select images to be used as banners on top of a page, you must first upload them into the Image SettingsSection.

  • Select the section you would like to upload images to.
  • Click Browse to search your computer for images you would like to upload.
  • Click Add to upload the image. Added images will appear in the side navigation.
  • You can view or delete images by using the View and Delete buttons below the list. To select multiple items to delete, use the CTRL and SHIFT keys on your keyboard.
    Only 1 item can be viewed at a time.
  • When you have uploaded your images, close the window.
  • You must click Save Image Section Settings for the images to appear in the dropdown lists besides the page titles.
  • You can now select the image you wish to use from the dropdown lists.
  • Click Save Image Section Settings to save changes.