Introduction to Follow-Up

About Follow-Up Campaigns
The Follow-Up section is a very powerful tool for you to create multi-step sequential campaigns, saving your organization lots of time by doing automatically, as many times over as you like, what would normally be done manually. These steps can be almost anything – emails, tasks, any event in your calendar.

Example: You have an internal lead generation process and have generated a list of contacts. You can set a follow-up campaign to achieve the following:

Step 1: After somebody signs up on your website, you can set a welcome email which will go out immediately, introducing the contact to your organization and maybe offer them 5 days of complimentary training or education.
Step 2: A new email will be sent out automatically 10 days after sign up.
Step 3: A task is assigned to one of your team members for a follow up call 20 days after sign up.
Step 4: Notify a department within your organization to send out a brochure about your organization to the participant’s address.
Step 5: The participant, once they have received the brochure, can enter a code they can find in the brochure to receive a bonus or special offer, allowing you to track the effectiveness of sending out the brochures.

So if you have a list of 1000 participants (contacts who will be part of this campaign), the follow-up campaign will run through these sequences, so your sales team, as an example, would not have to be manually carrying out all of these actions like sending emails, assigning tasks and setting themselves reminders. If you set up your campaign correctly, all these things will happen automatically, and you can even insert a series of steps that qualifies the buyer before the process even reaches the sales person, solving any failure to follow-up issues.

You can create as many different campaigns as you like and associate them with any contacts to start the campaign running for that contact.