Introduction to Permissions

Individual User Permissions
User permissions can be set for each individual user login, with options for the administrator to define specific sections, sub-sections and tabs of Kazeli each user will have access to.

Permission Groups
The administrator can also define Groups of users, which can then be used to grant access to specific Projects, Opportunities, Calendars and File Manager folders. For example the administrator may like to define different groups for the Sales Team, the Marketing Team and an Administrator Team, which will each have access to different projects and opportunities.

In these ways, the administrator has almost full control over which areas of of the system users and groups of users will be allowed view, manage and edit.

Can I set a permission to a group?
No, you cannot apply a permission to a group. There are numerous reasons for this, but mostly it’s a case of ‘overriding’ specific contact, project, and opportunity permissions at the card level.

In Kazeli, all user permissions are managed at the user level. Meaning you can manage what each user can or cannot do, what contacts they can see, what reports they have access to, and so on. Then at a project and opportunity level you can specify which users have access independently.

Using our User Group feature you can group all users together. This allows you to add a group as a team member of a project/opportunity. Then the actual permissions are applied at a user level, not as a group.

For example you have a sales group and in that group you have 3 veterans of Kazeli who pretty much have access to all sections and 2 new sales people. Since the 2 new sales people permissions are applied at a user level you can remove their access to delete a project and contacts while still allowing them access to the same project/opportunity and contacts as the Kazeli veterans.