Manage the Settings of a Web Page

Edit Pages Settings
: You can edit different page options from this section.

  1. From the left navigation, click the Website button.
  2. Under the Resource Center section, click on Organize/Edit Site.
  3. Click on the page for which you would like to edit settings.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.

Below is a list of the options in this section and what they do:

  • Page Location: You can choose to create your page as either a Main Page or a sub-section of another page.
    • Main Pages will appear in the main links section towards to the top of your page.
    • Sub-sections will appear in the sidebar of the page they have been assigned to.
  • Redirect Location: Select a page from here if you would like users to be redirected there form this page.
  • Button Name: This is the name of the link that will appear in the website navigation. Users will click on this button to get to the page. If you do not enter anything in this field, the menu button will not appear in the navigation on the website.
  • Page Title: This is the text that will appear at the top of the browser window. It is usually important that the title gives some indication as to what the page contains. For example if it is a page for contact information you may want to write contact information or contact us. You may also include the company name or the name of your site. Try to keep your page title under 60 characters.
  • Keywords: These are the main words or phrases that appear on your site, which may describe your products or services. The META Keywords Tag should contain ONLY keywords which are also found in the viewable text on the page and be 874 characters or less in length. Make sure your keywords are relevant to the content of your site and are specific.You can edit META Keyword Tags for the whole site by:
    • Clicking on Website in the side navigation.
    • Under the Resource Center section, clicking on Add Meta Tags.
  • Description: The META Description Tag should contain a brief description of what can be found on the current page and be 150 characters or less in length. Take time to create a keyword rich Description Tag. This can increase your search engine rankings and some search engines will highlight search terms found in their search results helping your listing to stand out from others. The 150 character limit is because some search engines will only display a maximum of 150 characters of text for the description in their search results. Keeping your Description Tag under 150 characters helps ensure your description makes sense to those who view it.You can edit META Description Tags for the whole site by:
    • Clicking on Website in the side navigation.
    • Under the Resource Center section, clicking on Add Meta Tags.
  • Javascript Header Code: If you plan to use Java code to edit your website, you can insert Javascript headers here to be used when editing your pages.
  • Display Sidebar: Shows or hides the sidebar navigation. For pages which do not have sub sections, you may want to remove the empty sidebar. You cannot remove the sidebar for those pages which contain sub-sections.