Organize Site

This is where you go for most additions and changes to your website

  • Page ID: The page ID is just the file name for the page. It appears in the link of the page so it might help to recognize the page you are working on. Other than that, it does not serve a purpose for you as it is mostly for our use. You cannot make changes to the page ID.

    To create a new page:

    • Select where you want to create the new page. You can create it as a main page or under one of the main pages as a sub-section. Type in the link name and select the language if you have multiple languages activated. Click add page. The page appears in the list below.
    • To edit a page click on the page name or check the box to its left and click edit contents. Here you can change:
      • Page location: to change the location of your page, select Main Page or a sub section from the dropdown list.
      • To redirect this page to another page in your website, select the redirect location from the dropdown list.
      • Button Name: This is the name that will appear on the menu button or navigation of the website. Users will click on this button to get to the page. If you do not enter anything in this field, the menu button will not appear in the navigation on the website. To anyone who visits the site, it will seem as if that page does not exist.
      • Page Title – Name of page that appears at the top of the browser window. It is important that the title gives some indication as to what the page is about. For example if it is a page for contact information you may want to write “contact information” or “contact us”. – Also include the company name or the name of your site – especially if it is a name that most of your visitors will already know and might be searching for it on the internet. Finally, if you are interested in being listed in the search engines you might want to add your main keyword phrases. Try to keep your page title under 60 characters.
      • Keywords: These are the main words or phrases that appear on your site. These may describe your products or services – words a user might be typing in a search engine if he is looking for a website like yours.

        If you are submitting your site to the search engine you may insert all your keyword phrases here. This will help the search engine to list your site correctly. Make sure your keywords are relevant to the content of your site and specific.

      • Description: If you are submitting your site to the search engines you may insert a brief description of this page here. The description will appear in the search engine results as part of the listing for the site. Therefore it is important to make the description clear and effective so that the user will click on your site and not another.
      • Display sidebar: shows or hides the sidebar navigation. You can only remove the sidebar for those pages which do not have sub navigation. For pages which do not have sub sections, you may find it better to remove the empty sidebar.
      • To edit a page, click edit next to the version of the page you want to edit. For more about how to edit pages and versions, see the page editor manual.
      • To select a page to make active, click [make active] next to the version. An A will appear next to the active version of the page.
      • The version number is listed on the left.
      • Click View to view the page as it will appear on the web.
      • To deactivate the page, click Deactivate page next to Page Contents. The image below will appear when users try to access that page.

        If you want to remove that page from the website temporarily (or permanently) so that it does not appear in the navigation of the website, simple delete the Button Name for that page.

        Version 1 of each page is the original design, structure and fonts of the page (created by us). Version 1s cannot be updated or deleted. No matter what changes you make, you will always be able to return to the original template.

      • When you have made your changes, click Submit to save, or cancel to return to the mainOrganize Site page.