Product Layout

These options effect the layout and appearance of your eShop pages.

Search Box Settings

Search Type
Choose between an advanced and simple search. If your range of products is not very varied and are more or less uniform, you may want to select a simple search.

Display Advanced Search Filters
Select the advanced search options to include from here. You need to have advanced search enabled in the first option in order for these to appear.

AGE RANGE: Allows user to select products suitable for certain ages.
PRICE RANGE: Users can set a minimum and maximum price for their search.
PRODUCT RANGE: Allows users to search by date product was added.
FILTER BY: Users can filter by certain categories. You can set which categories are available in the filter in the option below.

Display Filter By Categories
Add categories which will be available in the Filter By option for an advanced search. To move a category into the Selected Categories, select the category name and click

ADD, or double-click on a category.

Misc Settings

Side Login Box Display

Choose whether to display an eShop login area.

Product Code Display
Display or hide the product code. It may not be necessary to display the product code.

View Details Link Display
Show or hide the View Details Link. If the products in your catalog have no additional detail that cannot be displayed in the short description, you may wish to hide this link. If you have already added products with the View Details link displayed, changing this option will not effect those products unless you check Rest Products box. This is the default setting – you can set the option for this link from each individual product.

Layout Settings

Product Page Layout
Select a page layout. Click on each layout image to view an example.

Default Product Listing Template
The product listing template can be set for each individual category. For categories whose layouts have not been defined, this layout will be used. Click on each image to view an example.

Default Column Count
These can be defined for each individual category. For undefined categories, this column and product count will be used per page.

Navigation Settings

Quick Menu Navigation Type
This option effects the navigation menu display. Click on the images to preview.