You can change settings for Types, Stages, Probabilities and Views.

1. From the side navigation click on SETTINGS.

2. Click on PROJECT or OPPORTUNITY from the lower half of the screen.

3. Edit your settings.

Default Opportunity List View

You can select which Opportunities you will be viewing when you first open the Opportunities area. You can switch to any other view from the default view.

If you are just getting used to Kazeli, you may want to keep this view at ALL STATUS.

However, once your Opportunities start accumulating, you may want to switch to OPEN to avoid congestion.

Opportunity Columns for List View

Select which details columns will be shown in the Opportunities list.

Some of the columns are displayed below.

If we check ID, Close By, Stage and click SAVE, those columns will be available the next time we load the Opportunities area.

Opportunity Types and Stages

Opportunity Types are simply used to define the kind of Opportunity that is opening.

Stages are used to define the level of progress being made in an opportunity.

Edit: Click EDIT beside a type to change the type name. The type name will appear below – make your changes and clickSAVE.

Delete: Click DELETE beside a type to remove it.

Add Type: To add a Type, enter a type name into the space provided and click ADD TYPE.


Opportunity Probabilities

The Probabilities are used as an estimate of the chances of the Opportunity being won. The probability is also used in calculating the Price of an opportunity.

To add a new probability, type in a probability name in the space provided, select a percentage from the dropdown list and click ADD PROBABILITY.