Share a Project or Opportunity

The Kazeli Web Office has made something that’s typically so complicated, amazingly simple and powerful. Have you ever needed to work on a project with someone from outside your company? Your advertising agency, a consultant or perhaps your lawyer? With Kazeli you can. With a single click you can extend your projects and opportunities and share them with one or more people!

Method #1

  1. From the left navigation click the BUSINESS NETWORK button.
  2. SEARCH for a business you would like to share a project or opportunity with
  3. Click the VIEW PROFILE button
  4. From within the Business Profile on the left side navigation under section “Tools” select START SHARING.
  5. Select the Project or Opportunity you would like to share.
  6. Select the team members of that business you would like as a team member and click SEND.

A notification is immediately sent, which that business can either accept or reject your sharing request.

Method #2

  1. From the left navigation click the CRM button.
  2. Select a Project or Opportunity from the list, which then opens it’s details in the window below
  3. Click the Team Members link
  4. Click the Extended Network Users link
  5. Click the Invite New Users link, and invite them to join.