Step 1: Create Campaign / Settings

Follow this guide to create and send a new campaign. You can go to the next set of instructions by clicking on the NEXT STEP link at the bottom of each page.

To start off, you will need to create the actual campaign.

Create a New Campaign

1. From the side navigation click on CRM and then on BROADCAST.

2. Click on CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN (top right).

3. Enter the campaign settings.


Campaign Name & Description: These are NOT displayed in your emails. They are for your personal use, to help you identify each unique campaign.

Sending Options:

Manually Sent

Your campaign will be broadcast when you choose to Run List (You can create and manage your Contact Lists later on in the STEPS).

Future Date

You can select a future date to automatically send the campaign. This will begin sending to 50 contacts on the list at an interval of 1 hour between each set until the entire list has been sent the email.

4. Click Save to save progress or Next Step to continue.