Step 2: Template Options

1. Choose from one of the following options:

Select New Template: This will allow you to choose from a variety of Kazeli email templates which can be customized with your colors, logo, text and images.

Use My Own Code: While there is a page editor available to help you design your own template, this is more easily done using code. Select this option to insert your own HTML to create a unique email template. (Selecting this option will take you straight to Step 5).

Customer Template: Select this option if you would like a custom template designed by Kazeli specifically for you or yuor organization. Click Let Us Create It.

Use Existing Template: If you have already created templates, you can choose to use them again.

Existing Template Options

: Preview Template

: Edit Template

: Copy Template (This will create a duplicate. Refresh the page to see copy in list)

: Delete Template

2. Click SELECT NEW TEMPLATE. If you would like to continue from an existing template, jump to Step 4.