Step 5: Add Content

This is where you will use the page editor to modify the template to your own requirements, including entering all your text and images.

For a brief overview of the page editor tools, click here.

Add an Image

Before inserting images or flash files into your email, you must first upload all images and media files to the Media Center.

1. Click ADD IMAGES (top right).

2. To upload a file, click BROWSE to locate the file on your computer.

3. In the email editor, click on the space where you would like to add the image.

4. Click the insert picture icon to select your image from the Media Center. Select your image by clicking NORMAL next to the image name, and then clickINSERT.

Add a Link

1. Highlight the text you want to link.

2. Click the Insert Link icon

3. Enter the details of the link

Saving as New Version

When editing a broadcast template, you can save each edit as a different Version. Instead of updating your previous edit, saving as a new version will create a new page and then allow you to select which version you would like to be the active version.

This allows you more flexibility and freedom to experiment with your emails.

Click on SAVE AS NEW VERSION (top right) to save the template as a different edit.

Click on a Version to view it.

Click ACTIVATE beside a version to select that version as the active one. The active version is the one that will be sent when you run your broadcast list.

Click  to delete a version.


You can insert Variables into your broadcast email. By using variables, you can automatically insert personalized information for each recipient. For example:

“Dear [firstname],”

will insert the information in the First Name field for each contact in place of the variable [firstname].

You can find the list of available variables on the right hand side.


You can add attachments from your computer or your Kazeli files. Attachments will only need to be added once and will be sent with the campaign each time it is run.

From Computer
To add an attachment from your computer, click BROWSE or CHOOSE FILE next to My Computer.

Locate the file on your computer, select and click OPEN.
From Kazeli Files
To add an attachments from your Kazeli files, click BROWSE next to My Kazeli Files. Click on a file name to attach the file.