Step 6: Email Message Settings

Additional Broadcast Message Settings

Message Name

This Name is NOT displayed in your emails. It is for your personal use, to help you identify each unique email.

Message Subject

This is the subject line of the email and will be sent with the message.

From Name

This is the person or organization name which will appear in the From column of the recipients inbox, beside the email address.

From Email Address

Select an address from the list of your email addresses currently hosted with Kazeli. This is the email address the broadcast emails will be sent from.

If you do not have a domain hosted with Kazeli, you will need to transfer a domain in order to receive full functionality for Broadcast messages.

Reply Email Address

Select the address you would like replies to the broadcast email to go to.

Custom Footer with Unsubscribe

You can customize the footer of your email here. Broadcast messages MUST contain an unsubscribe link for recipients for the option to opt out of receiving future messages.

You can enter the unsubscribe link by using the CLICK HERE variable on the right hand side.

By clicking any of the variables, the relevant information will automatically be added when the broadcast campaign is run.

You can remove the footer only if your recipient list contains less than 100 participants. To remove the footer if your list is short enough, check the REMOVE FOOTER box.

Click SAVE and then NEXT STEP.