Step 8: Review and Send

This is the final stage before you can send out your broadcast campaign.

From this section you can make any final edits using the page editor and preview your email.


You can make final changes to the email using the page editor and then click SAVE CHANGES on the right before sending.

Send Test Message

This allows you to send an email to yourself or a team member for previewing purposes.

1. Click SEND TEST MESSAGE on the right.

2. A preview of the email will open with a contact field at the top. Click inside the field to select a contact from your database to send the test message to.


This will allow you to see exactly how the email will be sent. Keep in mind that different email clients and browsers respond differently to some text and images.

Preview Campaign

Click PREVIEW CAMPAIGN to open a preview of the email in a new window.

View List

Click VIEW LIST to open your broadcast list and make any final changes.

Run List

Click RUN LIST to send your broadcast message to all participants in the list.