Tasks Overview

When Tasks are opened, a new tab appears with the option to Print Task. Click this to print tasks listed.

At the top of the Tasks page, you can search for a task by typing in your search, and choosing from the filters in the adjacent fields.

Similarly, you can filter tasks by leaving the search field empty and choosing from:

  • All Tasks (Will show all tasks in one list)
  • My Tasks (tasks which you have created)
  • My Completed Tasks (tasks which you created and are now complete)
  • Assigned Tasks (tasks which you have been assigned)
  • Completed Assigned Tasks (tasks which you have been assigned which have been marked as 100% complete)
  • Unassigned Tasks (tasks which you have not been assigned)

In addition to search and filter, you can change the sorting order by using the Up and Down arrows next to each column title.