Tip #5 – Tips for using the Kazeli Email Editor (video)

When using the Kazeli email editor there are a few tricks that will help you create professional looking emails every time.

  1. Paste from Word
    If you are copying text from a Microsoft Word document or from a Webpage, use the Paste from Word feature found in the editor. This will bring in clean text everytime making your email compliant with every email system.
  2. Spell Check
    Use this feature to spell check your email either as you go or after you compose your email.
  3. Full Screen Mode
    Use this feature to open your email client full screen.
  4. Setup an email signature
    Within the MY ACCOUNT section you can manage your email signatures for every email account you have within Kazeli. Get help with setting up a signature
  5. Relate an email to a Project or Opportunity:
    This will allow you to track all correspondence not only with a Contact, but also by Activity. Making it easy for everyone in your company to find any piece of correspondence.

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