Update a User Accounts Template Variable Settings

Within Kazeli you have the option to include specific variables for each Kazeli User Account that will insert their name, email, phone, and other information directly into an email, task, or event template.

Here’s how you can update these settings:

  1. From the top navigation, click MY ACCOUNT.
  2. Under the Account Settings Section, click USER & GROUP PERMISSIONS
  3. Then click USER LIST.
  4. From the list of Kazeli Users, click the EDIT link to the right side of any User you wish to update.
  5. Under the Template Variable Settings, you will see the options that you can manage which include:
    • First Name [user_firstname]
    • Last Name [user_lastname]
    • Email Address [user_email]
    • Phone Number [user_phone]
    • Other [user_other]
  6. Make your desired changes and click SAVE SETTINGS.

Once done, now you can pull in these variables into any email, task, or event template.

For more information on Permissions, please click here.