Upload a file to a Project or Opportunity

To upload a file to a Project or Opportunity follow these steps:

  1. From the left navigation, click CRM, then PROJECTS or OPPORTUNITY.
  2. Click on the Project you would like to upload the file to.
  3. In the lower window pane (e.g. the specific Project/Opportunity window), on the lower right side click the FILES link.

Here you can upload a single file or multiple files.

There are 3 icons below the upload.

The first, looks like a mail iconĀ  which will send a notification that the file is uploaded to all team members of the project/opportunity.

The second, is a favorite icon , making that particular file part of your favorite files in the File Manager.

The third, is a lock icon , which makes that specific file Private and only accessible by you. This can be useful if you have a WIP file that’s not yet ready for other team members to view.