Using Kazeli Email Rules Engine

The Kazeli Email Rules Engine enables you to use any email client you wish and gives you the control over which emails are recorded in Kazeli.

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Kazeli works with any email client by simply BCC’ing your Kazeli email.


Using the new Kazeli Email Rules Engine you can choose which emails to ignore and keep.

If you’d like to get this setup of your account, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to MY ACCOUNT > USER & GROUP PERMISSIONS > USER LIST > Click EDIT beside the User Account you wish to change, then under the Email Settings section (towards the top) select OTHER EMAIL from the drop down.
  2. While you are there, under the Template Variable Settings, make sure the [user_email] is set to an active address. We will use this email for all notifications including task, project, opportunity, and file uploads.

Although Kazeli doesn’t support IMAP from a syncing perspective, Kazeli can receive emails via IMAP and with the Email Rules system you can create rules to automatically ignore emails from specified email addresses. Once the rule is set, you never have to touch it again. Plus, for any email address already in Kazeli, the system will automatically link to the correct contact within Kazeli.

If we are hosting your mail accounts and you would like to switch your account from a POP to IMAP, please review important notes in the FAQs below and contact us.

If you are using the Survey Manager for internal and public forms (e.g. on your website), make sure that the all notifications are set to go to your email instead of an internal Kazeli Notification. Updating this is easy, here’s how: From the SURVEY MANAGER, click the Survey you wish to edit, then click EDIT from the Survey Settings box on the right side of the page. Then make sure the “Email Survey Results to owners of “Follow-up Campaign for Completed Survey” is checked and click SUBMIT to save the changes.

Setup your email client to automatically BCC all of your outgoing emails

Setup a copy or forward for all incoming emails
If you are using your own mail server we suggest to setup a forward or copy to your INCOMING EMAILS FROM EXTERNAL CLIENT EMAIL ADDRESS. This address is your If emails are already being received in Kazeli, then you can skip this step.

If you are using Gmail, here are instructions for setting up the forward:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my account to IMAP?
If we are hosting your mail account, then please send us a support ticket and we’ll make this change for you. Since this process involves the actual files that are saved on the mail server, there is a risk when making this change that emails that haven’t yet been downloaded could be corrupted during the conversion from POP to IMAP. Please make sure you have downloaded all of your emails either to Kazeli or to your email client.

Why would I want to change to IMAP?
With the email rules engine you will now be using your own email client for managing your emails. If you use more than one device, then its helpful if all of the emails are kept in sync. So when you delete from one device the other device is also updated. This is where IMAP is valuable.

Can I switch back if I don’t like it?
Yes, follow the steps above to reverse the switch.