Viewing Follow Up reports

Access the Follow-Up reports by going to CRM, then Follow-Up, then on the far right side click Follow-Up Reports as shown below.

Then select the date range you would like to review and click on the green down arrows to expand the campaign. This will show you the steps of the campaign that have run during your selected date range and those that have viewed your email.

Tracking click throughs

If you would like to track the click throughs to specific pages within your emails, this should be done in connection with the Survey Module as the Follow Up Reports do not have this feature. However, using the Survey Module will not only keep track of these, but it can also stop and start new campaigns based upon their interactions. It’s also important to note that you can use the Survey Module in conjunction with the Contact ID to allow a simple pass through direct to the success page enabling all of the actions of the Survey Module to function. This process eliminates the need to ask for prospect or client information as it will already reside in your Kazeli database.
If you would like to learn more about the Survey Module and Follow Up, please see the links below: