Webmail Support

Spam Prevention Techniques

There are several steps that can be taken to help prevent spam.

1. Enable Spam Assassin.

Turning on the Spam Assassin Engine allows you to filter spam sent to you. When the Spam
Assassin Engine is enabled, it will flag up Spam emails with [SPAM] in the subject line.

How to enable Spam Assassin
Login to WebMail and select the drop down arrow to the right of Settings and select Anti Spam.

Then check the box for Instant Anti Spam and select a Spam Detection Level. (see screenshot

2. Black and White lists.

The Black/White lists gives you a higher level of customization for filtering spam than the Spam Assassin Engine.

It allows you to specify criteria that determines whether an email is accepted or rejected. You can set up custom filters to reject mail based on a variety of factors including sender, recipient, IP address or keywords in the subject or body of a mail.

When tailored to the spam received on a particular account, this can be a highly effective method of preventing mails that slip through the Anti Spam filters.

The white list also allows you to specify whether to receive a mail based on certain criteria. This can be useful if the Instant Anti Spam filters are returning any false positives which would otherwise potentially mark legitimate emails as spam.

How to enable Spam Assassin

Login to WebMail and select the drop down arrow to the right of Settings and select Server Settings.
Here you can specify filters including: Header, Body, Attachment, Sender, Recipient, IP Address, and Any Header, with the following conditions: Header, contains, regex, starts with, ends with, is, contains list from file, not, and case sensitive. (see screenshot below)

3. Challenge Response

If all else fails, the Challenge Response mechanism is the most surefire way of stopping all Spam.

Any email received from an unidentified user is not delivered until the sender has visited a web page and typed in a code displayed as an image. The user will then be entered onto your approved sender list and the mail will be delivered.

Since any user not on the approved sender list has to manually authenticate, any spam message will simply never be delivered.