What is a connection?

No one person is more than six connections apart.

It’s a theory that has become legendary and now with the proliferation of the Internet we’re able to formalize these connections in a way never before thought possible. Through the Kazeli Business Network, people are able to find products and services based on the people they know and their recommendations.

There are 2 types of connections that can be made on the Kazeli Business Network; Business & Professional.

What is a Business Connection?

A business connection is a link between your business and another business. These connections are formal and must be accepted by the requested party. By requesting a connection with another business, you expand your network of trusted businesses.

This allows member businesses to search for products or services based upon the number of connections apart between there company and yours.

You can also find partners, leads, suppliers, and more based upon your relationship with other member businesses. The closer your relationship to them the higher they will appear in the search result.

How does the connection system work?

The Kazeli Business Network has a 6 level connection system. The level of depth of a connection is determined as follows:

Any direct connection made by direct invitations between YOU and other professionals and businesses results in a 1st level connection. Any first level connections belonging to YOUR first level connections, become your second level connections. First level connections of YOUR second level connections are your third level connections, all the way to the 6th level.

Check out the interactive demo for more help!