Why are some of my follow-up steps not running?

The most common reason is that the step itself is inactive. If that’s not the case its probably because you’ve set a date specific step. See the example below:

  • Your contact record was added to the follow up on November 2nd
  • The follow up has an ACTION DATE on December 15th
  • Based on this, there are 36 days to go before the ACTION DATE
  • We allow a 2 day grace period of these dates
  • In this scenario only those steps that are 38 days or CLOSER will actually run

Why do we do this?

If these were emails and not tasks, the client/prospect would receive 10+ emails all on the same day/time. It would be a huge spam problem. Plus it’s totally irrelevant information as follow up campaigns are meant to go in a specific sequence. This ONLY HAPPENS ON DATE SPECIFIC steps.

If you were to change these steps to be based on when they are added to a campaign it would be completely different because the steps will be processed in order of date the campaign started. For example, send email a to prospect 2 days after campaign started, then send task to Rob to follow up on the 3rd day.