Will you be retrieving your emails within the Kazeli Web Office and hosting your website on the Kazeli platform?


Can I host my existing site on Kazeli?
Kazeli is a service that provides an online website builder to create and manage your website. Kazeli does not provide an ftp directory to upload to. Therefore you will need to either re-create your site using Kazeli’s online CMS tool or ask our support team for a quote to implement your existing site on Kazeli for you. Watch a video of the Kazeli CMS.

If we don’t switch to Kazeli CMS can we still integrate with your form builder?
Yes, absolutely. You can include the form you create in Kazeli by either linking to it from your existing page, as an inline frame, or through code we can provide you with to embed on your existing website.

What is CMS?
CMS stands for Content Management System and is a system that allows users to edit their website content without specialist programming knowledge. Kazeli Website comes with a powerful easy-to-use CMS solution that gives you hands-on anytime, anywhere access and control of your website. Like all Kazeli solutions, this is a cost-effective tool, specifically developed to facilitate and empower small businesses in their everyday activities.